The Coaching Council


how to get your coaching certification and strategies for being in business as a coach 


  • You’re unsure of your authentic coaching style.
  • You long to feel alignment between YOU: the person and YOU: the coach.
  • You’re unsure who you want to work with and how.
  • You don’t feel confident enough to announce you’re open for business.
  • Your business strategy is set but you feel disconnected from your plans.
  • You see other coaches working and attracting clients but don’t know what that looks like for you.
  • You’ve coached for a while and now you’re ready to pivot, but how?


  • deepen your life transformation skills beyond your certification?
  • get out of the coaching malaise (or drama!)?
  • talk about your coaching stresses and fears with seasoned master coaches?
  • get coached on how to stay energized in your practice?
  • go when you need to dig yourself out of a hole in a client relationship?
  • figure out why you feel like you’ve run a marathon after most client sessions?
  • go when you know you’re a good coach but feel like you can’t crack the greatness ceiling?

There’s A Solution! 

The Coaching Council (TCC) is NOT a traditional business mastermind.

Amazingly though, you do get business clarity because the TCC focus is on the foundation of your business: YOU!

The TCC container is a curated space for the holistic View of You; led by two widely experienced master coaches who provide “Coach The Coach” support and “Meet-Me-Where-I-Am” attention.

THE COACHING COUNCIL salons are for YOU to…

  • Ask your burning client-centered questions.
  • Learn how to keep getting better and more confident as a coach.
  • Flip that ‘not-good-enough’ mindset to “I get my clients results” confidence.
  • Move through upper limit fears of up-leveling your clientele.
  • Observe other coaching methods and share yours in a trusted community.
  • Learn techniques and tools from industry respected Guestpert Coaches.

To sum it all up: If you’re a certified coach who wants to become a better coach…

We Got You!

Meet The Master Coaches

La Shell Wooten

La Shell Wooten

La Shell Wooten has twenty-five years of professionally-trained, mental and emotional health skills to provide motivating and effective mental/emotional wellness coaching.  Work with La Shell helps clients address personal roadblocks, remove emotional clutter and identify unhealthy relationship choices in order to improve their life experiences. La Shell is also the host of The Abandon Ordinary Podcast and creator of the Abandon Ordinary Self-Discovery Deck & Journal.

C.René Washington

C. René Washington

C. René Washington is a master-certified life coach, podcast host and YouTube host, author, and midlife maven. After a successful 28-yr corporate career managing and developing executives and professionals, she created a new life chapter grounded in passion and purpose. Known for her straight-no-chaser style, she coaches women to break through whatever’s blocking them from their goals and dreams and start living them. Follow her podcast, The Midlife Remix,  her YouTube show, The Midlife Remix For Black Women Over 50, or read her book, Take The Trip! 4 Journeys Every Midlife Woman Needs To Live In Purpose and Freedom, available through all major retailers, including Bookshop and Amazon.

Program Details

The Coaching Council is for new and developing coaches committed to elevating your coaching skills in ways that not only supports the goals of your clientele, but also supports your entrepreneurial goals in the field of coaching and your life goals.

Master coaches, La Shell Wooten and c.René Washington are passionate practitioners helping people make desired transformations. With extensive, combined backgrounds in personal and executive coaching, counseling, social work, teaching, and facilitating, the two provide a powerhouse foundation and environment for coaches to grow and evolve into your highest and best selves as coaches and as people. Most coach-the-coach support is focused on the business of coaching. The Coaching Council (TCC) is addressing a gap by providing a curated community focused on coaching excellence and personal transformation. Sixteen weeks of personalized focus is rarely experienced in a group setting. There are no cookie cutter biz boxes in The Coaching Council (TCC).

This specially curated community offers master-level support through focused discussions on relevant coaching techniques, industry trends, and guidance on coaching challenges while elevating your skills and expanding your coaching toolbox. Plus, La Shell & c. René will open up the hot seat for on-the-spot coaching for what’s weighing on you or you can email them outside of the sessions. The duo will offer as-needed ‘office hours’ to respond to (truly) urgent issues in real time (where feasible) and share exercises and assignments where appropriate to aid in deepening the understanding that skill growth is a primary responsibility in coaching. We provide the water, but can’t make you drink. The Coaching Council is only for grown and growing coaches who are seeking sound guidance and support. There are no taskmasters in the Coaching Council.

There will be Learning, Growth, Connection, Collaboration, and Fun!


  • 16 sessions
  • 60-minute Zoom calls
  • Thursdays at 9AM PST / 11AM CST / 12 PM EST


October 27             

November 3            

November 10          

November 17          

December 1           

December 8           

December 15    

January 5

January 12

January 19

January 26

February 2

February 9

February 16

February 23

March 2

Investment: $5000 (payment plans available)

Early Bird Bonus, secure your seat by August 1st, 2022 and receive:

  • Two-on-one individual coaching session with La Shell & c. René
  • La Shell’s Abandon Ordinary Vision Board Workshop
  • c. Rene’s B.O.S.S. Up Your Boundaries Workshop


La Shell Wooten and C.René Washington

If you are a new or developing coach, The Coaching Council is the place and program for you.

Click the link below to apply and join this supportive coaching community.


“Wow! You have just been a gem to my life! I’m so different now! You taught me to [own] my goals and believe in them. It was the best match for us to be working together.”

– Dr. Taryn Fletcher
Founder & CEO Truly POC Evolution

“Prior to the Coaching Council, I was feeling disconnected from what I wanted my business to become and who I was as a coach (and person!) within that business. With C.Rene and La Shell’s help, I feel as though I’ve landed on my feet and have reconnected with what makes me, ME. I’ve taken away three powerful things: my business doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s business, I must get clear on what I want and trust it, and having a cohort of coaches to collaborate with as I develop coaching-specific experience is a must. The wisdom, care and coaching excellence these two women provide is life-changing. You won’t regret signing up!”

– Whitney Sullivan

Being coached by C. René has truly been a life transforming experience! She has a gift for hearing what you say and then hearing what your SOUL is really saying. Each coaching encounter is inspirational, invigorating and life renewing. 

– Tonya Allen
Executive Director/Master Coach

“As a new coach, I wanted to believe that completing my coaching certification and setting up my business on my own was going to happen in a simple, straight line. The Coaching Council opportunity showed up at the right time when I needed the community, the accountability and the bonafide belief in myself to move ahead. There’s been nothing more incredible this year than knowing that the dynamic coaching duo, cRene and La Shell, had my back and were deeply invested in my success. The value of TCC went above and beyond my expectations and I feel deep appreciation for the mindspace, generosity, tools and connections that they brought to the overall TCC experience and every touchpoint along the way.”

– Rachel Schaffer

highly recommend The Coaching Council. Master Coaches c.René Washington and La Shell Wooten have designed an excellent program. In every conversation and session, they met me where I was and provided the tools, mentorship, and custom challenges to help me see into the possibilities I’d dismissed. I can’t express enough the breathtaking freedom and the clarity that’s taking root in my mind under their guidance.

I’ve rediscovered my desire to travel and feel grounded and free enough to plan (and act on) a dream sabbatical to focus on myself and my business. This would not have happened without this program and the support of c.René and La Shell.

– Ella Nance